GEKKO Optimization Suite


GEKKO is optimization software for mixed-integer and differential algebraic equations. It is coupled with large-scale solvers for linear, quadratic, nonlinear, and mixed integer programming (LP, QP, NLP, MILP, MINLP). Modes of operation include data reconciliation, real-time optimization, dynamic simulation, and nonlinear predictive control.

GEKKO is an object-oriented python library to facilitate local execution of APMonitor.

More of the backend details available at What does GEKKO do?


A pip package is available:

pip install gekko

The most recent version is 0.0.4a1. You can upgrade from the commandline with the upgrade flag:

pip install --upgrade gekko

Advanced Installation

To enable local solve (rather than solving on the remote server), copy the required executables from the GEKKO GitHub repo to your local path.


Currently, the pip packages already includes the Windows executable (apm.exe). Local executables for other operating systems are in development.