Solver Extension

GEKKO includes a limited interface to access more solvers. The solver extension module converts the model to AMPL, allowing access to various supported solvers by making use of the AMPLPY library. Alternatively, a .mod file (AMPL model file) can be output and solved by uploading to NEOS.

The base version of AMPL limits a model to 500 variables and 500 constraints (300 for nonlinear problems, and fewer for certain solvers). AMPL offers a free Community Edition license with no limitations on variables or constraints. Licensing and more details can be obtained from the AMPL website.

The converter between GEKKO model to AMPL syntax is limited and does not support the full range of model building functions and options available in GEKKO. However, basic model building functions such as (but not limited to) variables, parameters, constraints, and objectives are supported by the converter and can be used within the solver extension module. A full list of supported properties is included below.

The solver extension module requires AMPLPY to solve within GEKKO:

$ pip install amplpy

Solvers are installed through amplpy.modules. See

$ python -m amplpy.modules install <solver>


To use the solver extension module, set m.SOLVER_EXTENSION = 1 and specify the solver you want to use. The GEKKO model can be declared like normal. The results from the solve are placed back into the GEKKO model variables.

Example use of the solver extension module is shown below:

from gekko import GEKKO
m = GEKKO(remote=False)  # remote=True not supported
x = m.Var()
y = m.Var()
m.Equations([3*x+2*y==1, x+2*y==0])
m.options.SOLVER_EXTENSION = 1   # enable solver extension
m.options.SOLVER = "BONMIN"         # use BONMIN solver
m.solve()    # solve

Solver Options

Solver options are specified within m.solver_options:

# Use options relevant to the solver you are using.
m.solver_options = ['max_iter 10', \
                    'tol 0.01', \
                    'outlev 1' \
                    # etc...

Solver Extension Methods

The solver extension module provides some utility methods to the GEKKO model object:

classmethod m.create_amplpy_object()

Returns an amplpy model object:

ampl = m.create_amplpy_object()
# do some stuff with the amplpy object

For more information view the amplpy documentation.

classmethod m.generate_ampl_file(filename='model.mod')

Generates an ampl model (.mod) file in the current directory or as specified by filename:


Supported Properties

Included below is the full list of supported model methods for conversion with the solver extension module. Functions not mentioned are either not implemented within the module or entirely incompatible with AMPL.

  • Model Building Functions

    • Const

    • Param

    • Var

    • Intermediate

    • Equation

    • Equations

    • Obj

    • Minimize

    • Maximize

    • Array

    • solve

    • solver_options

  • Equation Functions

    • sin

    • cos

    • tan

    • asin

    • acos

    • atan

    • sinh

    • cosh

    • tanh

    • exp

    • log

    • log10

    • sqrt

    • sigmoid

  • Logical Functions

    • abs2

    • abs3

    • if2

    • if3

    • max2

    • max3

    • min2

    • min3

    • pwl

    • sos1

    • sign2

    • sign3

  • Pre-built Objects

    • sum